Aphrodite Matsakis, Ph.D.
Licensed Counseling Psychologist

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Dr. Matsakis has worked as a counseling psychologist for 25 years and has authored over twelve books and numerous articles on an array of psychological topics including post-traumatic stress, clinical depression, women’s issues, guilt, grieving,  relationships, the psychological impact of physical disability, and the impact of trauma on the family members and friends of survivors of sexual or physical assault, suicide, combat trauma, family violence, vehicular accidents, natural disasters and other life changing events.  She is also the author of a book and  numerous articles on the Greek-American experience and the psychological significance of myth.

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The books and articles described here are designed to provide understanding in regard to the subject matter covered. In all matters of concern, the services of a competent mental health, medical or other qualified professional should be sought for psychological or other needed services. For assistance in seeking help, click on "Seeking Help”

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